Enhancements for our Perfect World Gold players.


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Following our latest expansion, the "Age of Spirits", we have implemented a series of new changes and enhancements for our Perfect World Gold players. Following the release of this expansion, Perfect World Gold International will be implementing the Wardrobe system.The Wardrobe is similar to a stash or bank storage, except it exclusively holds Fashion items. Fashion items are extremely popular in Perfect World Gold International, and players can access these items regardless of whether or not they choose to invest in the cash shop. The addition of the Wardrobe System is an attempt to accommodate the extremely diverse and expansive fashion selection available to our users.A new addition for our fashion conscious players is the new ability to automatically rotate fashion outfits. Players can set their Wardrobe to switch up to eight different outfits, either in the order of their choosing or at random. They can also set the frequency of these changes-from every minute to several hours.The Wardrobe can be accessed by clicking the Fashion Item button within your Bag. The icon will resemble a bag with a small shirt in the corner. Clicking on this will bring up the Wardrobe. From here, you can see how many different items you have in your Wardrobe sorted by type: Body, Legs, Arms and Feet. Within the Wardrobe, players may also select the Fashion Change menu.