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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! We all get a bit crazy when the subject of mounts comes up, even the PWI Overlord himself has admitted to having a bit of what we like to call "mount fever". As if that wasn't enough, our new sale is guaranteed to kick your fever up into a full blown frenzy. 

These mounts will be added to the cash shop at 1:00am server time on June 24th!

Three new flying mounts will be permanently added to the cash shop. These are mounts that many people have been asking about, and now they can be yours! Choose from the lovely and whimsical Seraphic Mist, the savage and menacing Hellfire Drake, or the elegant and brilliantly wicked Lailah's Heart.

Should we stop there? Maybe, but we're not planning on it! We are also adding three limited edition flying mounts to the cash shop for one week only! Feast your eyes on these!

Okay that has to be it, right? No, that's not it. For one week only we will be adding the Huge Rainbow Egg to the cash shop. This egg contains a variety of goodies, not in the least being the coveted Nine Tails mount! Buy one for a chance to get one of these foxy mounts today!

Okay I think we're done. Wait, one more picture!

Remember - Three of these mounts along with the rainbow egg are only being offered for one week! Make sure to pick yours up today so you're not left out in the cold.

NOTE: To access the in-game Cash Shop to view and/or purchase these items, use the keyboard command 'Alt-O.