New Quest System and Auto-Navigation

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The Age of Spirits Expansion has presented us with a lot of new features.  We are happy to announce the release of yet another powerful new feature within Perfect World International.

The Find Quest System in PWI currently aids players in finding NPCs that are willing to provide them with quests.  This system, although already helpful, has undergone a complete revamp.

Now when you click on the Find Quest button, you'll be presented with a complete listing of all the quests available to you.

More importantly, you can now also click on any text marked in green and automatically navigate to the Quest Giver.  Now what about when you get the quest?

What's even better now is that after you receive a quest, you can even click on any mobs or items required to complete the quest, and your character will automatically navigate to the objectives as well.  Finally, clicking on an objective will even in some cases mark them on your map.

We are happy to announce the launching of this system.  We hope it assists all of you in your daily questing.