Perfect World Gold players do not have Weapon.

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This build benefits from the physical increase buffs from fire as well as the magic defense. This is especially important since pure STR characters(Perfect World Gold) have low magic defense and low damage output. Fire imbue is commonly used because it does the most damage.However it is a near negligible difference in our opinion when compared to light imbue. Maxed light gives magic increase buff that when combined with fire makes this build the strongest hitting for an STR. Ice is secondary because Pure STR characters already have high physical defense and lots of HP( Perfect World Gold). This HP is usually all the defense needed to prevent death.Pure STR healer is where it gets difficult. Now you have to make some hard decisions. Perfect World Gold players do not have Weapon, fire and light maxed like above so where do I compromise. Weapon must be maxed, that is where primary damage comes from. So about the more important damage or agility, personally we would sacrifice fire buffs for grass walk, however most people would not.