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ESO Bulletin - 5/11/09

A handful of updates this week. The big news is that we have launched an In Development page on 5/12. The page lists the major updates that we are working on for the game, and can be found here. Also new this week is a limited-edition mount, so get it before it's too late!

Cash Shop Changes & Announcements

-New Shop Item:

1) Robostrich.

The big journey is a long and tiring trip, even for horses. The Queen of Heaven's engineers created the Robostrich to carry passengers through long distances. There was a surplus, so the Queen of Heaven decided to sell the extras in the Heaven Repository. They will only be on sale this week though. Take your head out of the ground and get yours today!

- On Sale:

1) Wedding Packs.
Couples now have an extra incentive to tie the knot. Wedding packs are now on sale! Make your committment known today!

Community Updates

1) The Screenshot Mimic Contest has begun. Show us your photography and creativity skills in this crazy event! Winners will be rewarded with

the Tiano Pet. For full details check out the event announcement here: The

deadline to enter is this Friday at noon, so get going!

2) Have you been busy dancing the night away in Pokari? Can you choreograph the best dance video? View the full details here: Don't have time to work on a video? You can still join in on the fun by

viewing the current entries here

Last Week's Recap

1) The Great Hunt turned out to be a crazy race once the Pet List was released. Check out the winners of the event here: