They must earn Experience Points and Perfect World Gold.

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Beginners may want to level up their character all time in Warriorepic. Here is the basic introduction on how to level and EXP tables. Each character strengths and abilities are measured by their level. They must earn Experience Points and Perfect World Gold in order for a character level to increase.
Experience Points can be gained either through killing monsters or completing quests. EXP can be lost through character death. The amount lost scales to level and is roughly equal to 5% at level 10 and 1.5% at level 60.
Character death can never lower a character EXP to less than 0% and so will never result in the loss of a level. Each time character gains warriorepic money, that character gains a single Skill Point which can be used to learn a new Skill or to develop a Skill already learned. Additional skill points are granted after Class Changes and upon achieving levels 30 and 60.
Each level gained also increases the base Stats of a character by a set amount dependant on the character class choice. Additionally, a higher character level allows access to higher level equipment and quests. EXP is Chart for the EXP requirements of each level. Skill Points or Class Changes and Awakenings below for the details of additional skill point gains.
Sometime, you can buy cheap worldedition gold to help you level up quickly. First and Second Job Changes and Awakenings, at certain points in a character span of levels, advancement of EXP is suspended and a character must complete a Class Change or Awakening Quest before they are allowed to advance further.